Môi trường, Sức khỏe và An toàn

//Môi trường, Sức khỏe và An toàn



We are committed to achieve a “Zero Harm” performance objective. We demonstrate this commitment by operating our facilities by following world class safety standards to avoid and mitigate adverse Environment, Health and Safety impact. We have established measurable performance targets which are tracked on regular basis.

The goal of our Environment, Health and safety (EHS) policy and management system is:

  • Develop, Implement and monitor implementation of policies at our facility.
  • Protect Employees, Contractors, Visitors, Property and the Environment.
  • Comply with applicable EHS regulatory requirements at each work location.
  • Audit EHS activities at regular intervals at each facility to monitor its effective implementation and take corrective actions, wherever required.
  • Create a proactive EHS culture through awareness, education and motivation, to achieve continual improvement in EHS performance.