The main purpose of insulating a building is to reduce the heat transfer coming through the ceilings and openings.

Polyurethane Insulation

This is a panel manufactured by the press injection method to produce a polyurethane core between exterior steel facings. It can be used on the roof and wall as claddings.

Fiber Glass Insulation

This can be used on the roof or wall and can be retrofitted on existing buildings. The fiber glass insulation is fire safe and CFC free and does not emit toxic smoke. It is laminated to the top and bottom steel facings with special chemical glue hence completely filling the insulation cavity.


Kirby Roof Insulated Panel (KRIP)

Kirby Roof Insulated Panels (KRIP) is one of the premier roofing systems which uses the Kirby Roof (KR) profile for a durable, low maintenance and weather-tight roofing system. The large panel size reduces the number of joints, and the high corrugation overlap joint reduced water leakage.

Kirby Wall Insulated Panel (KWIP)

Kirby Wall Insulated Panels (KWIP) uses the Kirby Wall (KW) cladding profile for a speedy and cost-efficient solution for external walls where higher insulation performance is required. This profile is most suitable to overshadow the fasteners. It can be applied as external walls for commercial and industrial applications.

Kirby Concealed Fastener Insulated Panel (KCIP)

Kirby Concealed Fastener Insulated Panels (KCIP) is one of the most efficient insulations for interior purposes. KCIP can be used as interior partitioning in offices, accommodation and areas where temperature control is essential.