Open- Web steel Joist

//Open- Web steel Joist

Ever wondered about the sleek and robust structures supporting those expansive roofs? Enter the world of Open Web Trusses, also known as open-web steel joists, redefine structural excellence in construction.
An open web truss is a structural marvel with an open, lattice-like design, meticulously engineered to support building roofs. These trusses boast advantages like:
– Supports Long Span: Redefining possibilities with the ability to span considerable distances.
– Less Deflection: Ensuring structural integrity over time through minimal bending.
– High Strength-Weight Ratio: A testament to their lightweight construction and exceptional strength.
– MEP Integration: Offering a seamless solution for the installation of ducts and pipes through the truss web.
– High Aesthetics: Balancing functionality with elegance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any structure.
From commercial giants to refined residential spaces, their versatility shines.
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