Bilang karagdagan sa pangunahing mga sangkap ng gusali, nagbibigay si Kirby ng isang malawak na hanay ng mga accessories sa gusali.


Walk Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are used in hangars, warehouses, etc., where a larger opening into the building is required. They are not hinged but rather rollers are provided on top of the doors and this roller is placed on brackets allowing a sliding movement. These are either single leaf or double leaf.

Aluminum Windows

These windows are placed on the walls of a building and are double slide. They are moved by a sliding action controlled by guide ways and the jab fins. Multiple windows can be formed by joining the jamb fins together. Standard size of an aluminum window is 1 m x 1m. It is also provided with a half insect screen.


These are panels made from high pressure injected polyurethane foam and are meant for insulating a building. They are CFC-free, self-extinguishing, can withstand intense heat, contain extreme low temperatures and offer very low rates of water absorption and vapor transmission. The panels also provide excellent adhesion to the panel’s sheeting.


A louver is a frame containing adjustable overlapping blades which allow air flow and also block sunlight entry. The standard size available is 1m x 1m, which also incorporates insect screen, hand crank and blade adjustment lever.


Fasteners are of self-drilling screws No. 14, made of steel wire and EPDM bonded washers. The fasteners are either plain carbon or stainless steel type.

Power Ventilators

Kirby ‘C’ whirlwind low silhouette extract ventilator with spun aluminum non-return shutter and one piece base and throat. Provides ventilation when there is no wind and is placed on top of the roof panels.

Skylights & Wall Lights

Made of translucent GRP to match Kirby rib and wall panels, with an estimated light transmitting capacity of 60 %.

Ridge Ventilators

This is a gravity-type ventilator which is provided with a bird screen and mechanical controlled damper. Allows natural ventilation of the building. Roof Jacks

Roof Jacks

These are enclosures for pipes or stacks projecting from the roof. They allow for safe working on the roof.

Roof Curbs

These are enclosures for ducts or other roof projections made up of reinforced plastic fitting Kirby rib roof panels.

Sand Trap Louvers

This louver consists of different form of flashings arrangement in a predetermined manner in order to create a sand trap. The dual advantages of the sand trap louver is not only to help with natural ventilation but also to act as a sand trap.

Aircraft Hangar Doors