Mga Kasanayan sa Pandaigdigang Klase

//Mga Kasanayan sa Pandaigdigang Klase

Kirby Building Systems, is a market leader and the largest manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEBs) outside United States of America, has a reputation for having world class business practices and seamless processes across all our functions and verticals. The SAP ERP system establishes a single platform that interconnects Kirby’s different operations viz. Manufacturing, Sales, Finance, Materials, IT, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, etc. This integrated enterprise landscape ensures accuracy of information processing and on-line control of business operations. Precise data on the status of product deliveries in the desired sequences will enable our customers to complete their projects on time. Thus, Kirby has the right mix of sustainable and efficient processes for planning and execution.

In addition, we source our raw materials from leading steel mills and suppliers to maintain the world-class quality standards. Putting all our processes and practices together helps us to meet our customers’ever-growing demand for high quality, cost-effective and on time steel solutions.