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Mga berdeng Gusali

//Mga berdeng Gusali

Mga berdeng Gusali

Kirby provides customers with a variety of green building options that help mitigate energy consumption and support overall green building efforts, including environmental and economic. As a leader in our industry, Kirby is the first PEB company to become a member of Indian Green Building Council.

Steel buildings have many green characteristics including recyclability and durability. Steel is the preferred material for all pre-fab structures and PEBs use steel, which is more than 90% recyclable. In addition, strategically-designed steel buildings contribute to a project through improved energy efficiency, environmental friendly roofing and wall panels, natural lighting through skylights, other structural members and various other building materials composed of steel.

Kirby supplies its buildings with green building features as per customer requirements and looks forward to promote environmental sustainability through its eco-friendly pre-engineered steel buildings.